Why Would I Need Inner Healing?

We had a woman come to our Mission House of Prayer to ask us to pray for somebody else. She didn’t feel that she was in need of inner healing. As we talked to herwoman-crying for quite a while, prayed with her and drew her to her deeper heart, she began to weep! She realized that she had been so concerned with the problems of other people and about how much they needed inner healing, without considering that she was in need of it herself! She was not being REAL with God about all her wounds and heartaches and was not talking to God about it either. She was too busy talking to God about what everybody else needed.

The day she came to our Mission House of Prayer, was the day she was set free from many misconceptions and hurts. She became vulnerable and opened her heart to God with her many wounds. She has told us that since that day of prayer, she no longer looks at everybody else, but brings her heart to God in everything!

mother of the eucharistAs Missionaries of Our Mother of the Eucharist, we pray many hours before our Eucharistic Lord for the whole world; we have evangelical outreach as well as inner-healing prayer ministry. We desire to draw others to their deeper heart and we ask the intercession of Our Mother of the Eucharist to help them to do just that! She helps us to be open and receptive to God because She was and is completely receptive to God.

In order for us to continue this much needed prayer and ministry, we are in need of your prayerful support and if possible, your monetary support. Every amount we receive is used to keep this ministry going, so that we can help God’s people grow in a deeper awareness of who they are in God, and to foster openness and receptivity to Him as our Mother Mary did.

Down below, is a video explaining a little about our ministry. Our website really captures the fullness of our ministry. Please click the Support Us button to help us continue God’s mighty work! We thank all of you who have already supported this ministry! May He reward you abundantly and bless your loved ones! Be assured of our continual prayers.


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