Truth Card For Living Our Consecration to Mary

WE SHARE WITH YOU our TRUTH CARD for living a Total Consecration To Jesus Through Mary Wholeheartedly. Many don’t realize just how powerful total consecration to Mary is because they don’t know how radical it really is, and how Alive and present Mary is today. St. Louis de Montfort prophesied mary in blue with jesus in wombthat in the times we are now living would be the greatest saints because of Mary’s special presence in the world, and their consecration to her.
If I (Lilla Marie) live the following truths in my life, it is like riding the wave of grace. If I don’t, it is like being tumbled underneath it. It’s the difference between day and night.
I joke with friends that the Hawaii-five-O song is my theme song for living the 3rd degree of consecration to Mary.
These are reported words from Mary to us through Fr. Gobbi, as to what she will do for us if we consecrate our lives to her:

Truth Card:

“Accustom yourself to a new way of thinking… It is not your place to think of what is best for you. Let it be I who build moment-by-moment your future (#6).

“Be ever in my heart and at each moment you will find peace.Do not be worried about what you are to do! One who has consecrated himself (herself) to me belongs totally to me…he (she) cannot at any moment of the day decide freely what he (she) is to do with himself (herself).

“If you remain with me, I myself will tell you at every moment what I would like you to do, and then whatever you do will always be according to my will. I myself will take you by the hand, and together we shall do everything. With you I am like a mother who is teaching her child to take its first steps (#9).

“Live with perfect love and perfect abandonment the present which I moment-by-moment arrange for you my little babe (#70).

“You are no longer alone. You always have with you the Mother, who leads you by the hand, who clasps you to her Immaculate Heart!” (#61)

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