Great Hope Following Election-The Victory is Ours If We Unite With Christ in Our Calvaries!

Dear Family and Friends,satan_and_demon_baby-1
Let us remember where the real victory lies.
I remind us of the sacred mystery of Christ’s suffering and death on the Cross. Amidst Christ’s suffering, who thought he had won the victory? (Yes, the devil). 

But the victory wasn’t his, and it isn’t his now!the-passion-of-the-christ-agony-in-the-garden-2

As we, the Body of Christ the Church, go through our own capassion-of-the-christ-scourging-at-the-pillar-2lvaries, may we unite our sufferings with the sufferings of Christ; and with Christ surrender all to our Heavenly Father, that His Divine Will may be done in our lives.

This is why the Stations of the Cross are so powerful.

If we persevere, we know that a great renewal, restoration and resurrection will take place in our Church, our Country and our World.

As we reflect on the apostles, as darkness had come over Jerusalem, and Christ suffered and died;

passion-of-the-christ-crucifixion what were they doing? How were they responding? Well, at the beginning, the three closest to Him fell asleep. They did not “stay awake and pray lest [they] be put to the test.” And, as Christ began His journey to Calvary, most of them fled. Even Peter, the leader, denied Him three times.

But then there was the apostle John… only St. John the Beloved went to Calvary with Jesus. And, why? Because he was with Mary.passion-of-the-christ-john-and-mary
It was Mary who gave John the grace and courage to say “yes” to God’s will and trust in Him.


May we all have the grace and courage to turn to God with our whole hearts, consecrate our lives to Mary as our Mother and trust that in each present moment as it comes we will all have the grace for whatever God asks of us. +Jesus We Trust In You!+

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