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Podcast: Reaching New Heights in the Spiritual Life

It was mentioned in the podcast that we would try to post a picture that shows the different degrees of sensitivity in the spiritual life. We are certainly not encouraging becoming a breatharian, or any thing other that would be detrimental to one’s health, but this image gives a sort of idea of how fasting can aid one in growing in a greater attentiveness to the supernatural realm.

We recently went on a week long juice fast, as a means of penance, growing in the spiritual life, and bettering our health for better service to God.

In this hour long podcast, we share some of what we learned, and what we are desiring to grow in, in order to “Put out into the Deep” in the spiritual life, as Pope St. John Paul II encourages all of us to do.

May we all have the grace to move forward in our lives in becoming “living-sacrifices” for our Divine Lord and Savior.


Reaching New Heights – Episode 3


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