Missionaries Of Our Mother Of The Eucharist

Sr. Mary Clare

I am a semi-hermit with Missionaries of Our Mother of the Eucharist. We desire to draw others to a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus and Mary.

revelation-19-christ-and-his-brideI have been in the Consecrated life since 1985, and have only begun to scratch the surface of what it means to truly be a Bride of Christ! I believe that many priests and consecrated religious have yet to learn what it really means to be fully integrated in their human/spiritual relationship with God and with others.

As a Missionary of Our Mother of the Eucharist since Oct. 2013, I have immersed myself in Pope St. John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body.” This is something that should be required of every priest and every consecrated person. This will bring each priest and consecrated person to know their real identity in Christ and as human beings.

As I immerse myself in prayer before our Eucharistic Lord, my heart burns with a desire to share with each of you, the immense love and passion that Jesus and Mary have for you! I believe if you really knew how much they love you passionately, you would begin to blush. If we all begin to open ourselves to receive that love, I guarantee that 99.9% of our problems would cease. We would become trusting children in the arms of the most loving parents you could ever imagine!

My prayer is that each one of us will come to know that Jesus and Mary want our healing more than we do! Not only physical, but more importantly, our spiritual healing. Let us open ourselves to receive this love from God that He longs to give us. May we as His Bride the Church be receptive as Mary in receiving Jesus our Divine Eucharistic Bridegroom.

Sr. Charista Maria

I am a semi-hermit with Missionaries of Our Mother of the Eucharist. I have been in the consecrated life for almost 30 years. Through our Mother’s reported messages in Medjugorje I had a huge conversion in my life in 1987, going from working in Hollywood amidst the movie industry to wanting to give my whole life to serving God. Like St. Augustine I realized, “You were within and I was all the while Iooking outside!”

To paraphrase, Our Lady said to me through her re reported messages: “Open your heart to God, He is alive!” It’s as though she was echoing Rev. 3:20.

jpii_monstranceFrom there I heard another of her messages, “Abandon yourself totally to me and I will lead you in God’s perfect will (Totus Tuus Maria – JPII’s motto).” So I did, and I have been in awe ever since.

The saints say that when we consecrate our lives to Mary it is like life in the fast lane to God. The saints also say that the purpose of our consecration is to grow in the deepest union with the Most Holy Trinity who dwell within us through Baptism. And, this is what is happening to me. Our Mother has taken me by the hand and is drawing me to an ever-deeper union with Our Heavenly Father – Abba!, Our Divine Savior and Eucharistic Bridegroom – Jesus, and the Most Holy Spirit – the Fire of Divine Love and Truth.

At the heart of my spirituality is “the source and summit” of our whole christian faith – Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist. It is through being one with our Mother as Spotless Bride in receiving Him in Holy Communion and spending time before Him in adoration, that I am gradually coming to know more clearly who I am in Him, who I am created to be, and what God’s perfect plan is for my life.

St. John Bosco’s famous dream of the Two Pillars has resonated deeply in my heart. I feel called to help those within the Church to “anchor on!” to these two great pillars of our Catholic faith of devotion to the Eucharist and Mary.  And, this, not only on a surface level, but a level where our hearts can be fully and deeply exposed and disposed to receive the love of the Two Hearts, which beat with such profound love and long for communion with us.

Amidst my formation through the years, I have also been very blest to be formed in JPII’s Theology of the Body, as well as inner-healing; which have been a great grace for my own personal human/spiritual integration, as well as a grace for drawing others into this integration as well.

We invite you to journey with us in this very grace-filled time of life where the dark is getting darker, but the light is getting ever-brighter, and the graces being poured out are as never before :).

Our Favorite Prayer

Truth Card Prayer
Dear Mother, I accustom myself to a new way of thinking. It is not my place to think of what is best for me. May you build moment-by-moment my future. May I be ever in your heart and at each moment I will find peace. May I not be worried about what I am to do. Since I have consecrated myself to you, I belong totally to you. I cannot at any moment of the day decide freely what I am to do with myself. If I remain with you, you will tell me at every moment what you would like for me to do, and then whatever I do will always be in accordance with God’s Holy Will. You will take me by the hand and together we will do everything. With me you are like a Mother who is teaching its child to take its first steps. May I live with perfect love and perfect abandonment the present, which you, moment-by-moment, arrange for me your little babe. I am no longer alone. I always have with me you my Mother, who take me by the hand, who clasp me to your Immaculate Heart.