Short Video-Jesus Wants to Come into Rooms of Greatest Struggle

Jesus doesn’t want to only be in the living room of our hearts and lives, but in every room… wherever we find ourselves in the present moment; especially when we are most in need of His Love, His Light, His Truth. Are we escaping deep pains in our heart, or are we inviting Jesus and His Healing graces in?

One thought on “Short Video-Jesus Wants to Come into Rooms of Greatest Struggle

  1. Zoe Varaday says:

    Oh, Sister! As I listen to/watch this, I struggle to really HEAR you because, ironically, the only place I can access the net, is in our Living Room….I am beginning to HATE this room, because it’s where my Husband tortures me. He sits in front of his big, flat screen, and whatever he watches, he’s always got the volume up so high, it HURTS MY EARS. He knows this, but doesn’t seem to care. Jesus isn’t in this room. I don’t invite Him in, because I don’t want my Husband to hurt Him, too. Is that crazy?

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