Rosary Meditations

To Draw one into Healing and Contemplation

+Mother, form me in the womb of Your Immaculate Heart that I might truly become “another Christ” and thus, the likeness of God which I was created to be. May I remain in the “new garden” of your Immaculate Heart, that I might not only “eat again from the Tree of life,” but become one of His “branches” as I abide in Him and He in Me.+


The Joyful MysteriesThe Sorrowful MysteriesThe Glorious Mysteries

The AnnunciationAnnunciation
“Oh, that you were my brother, nursed at my mother’s breasts…I William-Bouguereau-paintings-La_charite_wallcoo.comwould lead you into the home of my mother” (SS 8:1-2).
Dear Mother, just as you held Jesus in your womb, from the moment of His conception, with such intense love, care and awareness, may I place myself in your womb as well, from the moment of my own conception in my mother’s womb, so that I can receive your tender, nurturing love of such a perfect mother. And, as I rest in your womb now, may I be one with Jesus in opening myself to Your loving gaze, oh Eternal Father; You who long to penetrate me with Your Spirit of love and draw me into the fullness of my dignity and identity as Your precious child.

The Visitationvisitation(1)
“Be still and know that I am God”
Dear Mother, as you continue to carry me in your womb as you visit Elizabeth and John the Baptist, may I remain still in your presence, as I take on even more of my dignity and identity as a “child of God.” For, I am truly meant to be “another Christ,” resting always in the womb of your Immaculate Heart and one with Christ in radiating to all the love of God.
Permeate my being, Father, with Your Divine gaze of love and providential care. Become one with me, Jesus, as together we reside in the womb of a perfect mother – for You are meant to be my “other half.” Consume me Holy Spirit, with the fire of Divine love, that every fiber of my being, from the moment of conception, may be transformed in the light of truth and grace, and that I may truly become the likeness I was created to be.

birth of JesusThe Birth Of Jesus
“As a child has rest in its mother’s arms, so my soul rests in You, my God!”
Jesus, what must it feel like to be tenderly nurtured and loved by such a perfect mother, nursed at her breast as you become so intimately bonded, meanwhile remaining always under the loving gaze and providential care of the Eternal Father.May I become one with you in this mystery, allowing myself to receive as well the profound, filial love of my Heavenly Mother and Father, that I may recognize more and more deeply my true Identity as a “child of God.”

Presentation_of_the_LordThe Presentation in the Temple
Still one with Jesus as I rest in your arms, dear Mother, may you present me at each moment of my life to the Most Holy Trinity. Through you may I enter into a divine fellowship of life with my Father and Creator, my Savior, Brother and Bridegroom, and my Sanctifier and consuming Fire of Divine Love. Holy Trinity consume me and draw me into intimate union with You in Your Three Persons, that we may “dine” (Rev 3:20) together. That I may receive from You all the love, blessings kisses and embraces You have for me as I renew my Baptismal Vows of surrender to Your providential care and embrace.

The Finding of Jesus in the Templefinding-in-the-temple-Mary
Divine Savior, thank You for allowing me to find You here and now in the temple of my heart. As I gaze upon You, a child of twelve, yet truly Almighty God, Your gaze penetrates me and we become one.
“Did you not know I must be about My Father’s business?” You respond to Mary and Joseph. Thus, as we become one, You draw me into union with the Father as well, through the power of the Spirit – “That they may be one as You, Father, are in Me and I in You. May they be one in us.” May it be so, my Lord – a union of hearts, a union of wills – my human will becoming one with Your Divine will. There may I rest.

agony in the gardenThe Agony in the Garden
“Allow yourselves to be clasped in His arms, that you may savor all the agony of a heart which has loved most, which has given of itself most, and which is crushed by all the evil, the hatred and the sin of the world. This Heart has now so much need of comfort… Kiss His lips to savor all the bitterness of His chalice” (mmp).

As I allow myself to be clasped in Your arms, my Jesus, Your heart against mine, may we become one as I console and comfort your heart that is in such pain. I thank you and praise You, Jesus, for loving me so much. I kiss Your Divine lips to savor the bitterness of your suffering and unite with You in it. As I rest in Your arms, as well I place into Your Heart all the pains and agonies I have experienced through the indifferences, rejections, denials and misunderstandings in my own life, allowing Your heart to consume them in the fire of Your Divine Love. And, through You I receive the grace, light and love of the Father to bear all of these sufferings for love of Him and all people.

scourgingThe Scourging at the Pillar
Oh Jesus, as You are scourged at the pillar, Your Sacred Flesh is bruised and tom. I thank you, Lord, for suffering for me. I become one with You in being tied to the pillar and scourged. My Lord, ironically, I come to console You and unite with You now, but I am part of the reason Your Sacred Flesh is so brutally beaten. Because, through the shedding of Your Precious Blood, my corrupted flesh is redeemed. Through the suffering of Your Body, I am divinized – “by Your wounds I am healed.” As we are one now in this mystery, Lord, I give to You all of my own sufferings of the flesh, physical ailments and the like, but I also especially give to You my weaknesses of the flesh where I do not yet have full mastery and control. – Areas which prevent me from responding to Your Holy inspirations and will at each moment. As we are scourged together at the pillar in this mystery, may Your Precious Blood permeate me, that we may truly become a “one-flesh union.”

crowning with thornsThe Crowning with Thorns
Beloved Jesus, we see You now before us, robed in purple, a twig as a scepter in your hand, a crown of thorns pressed into Your Sacred Head, and they are spitting at you, mocking you and calling you names. Yes, the outright abuse You experienced was very painful, Lord. But even more painful was the fact that Your Sacred Heart was crowned as well. A Heart so sensitive and open to love – a Heart whose “foreskins” had been removed and which had no protection from the pain, especially the pain that came from the indifference, ingratitude and half-heartedness of those who You were closest to. Forgive me, Lord, for the ways I’ve crowned Your Sacred Heart with thorns by being indifferent to and not receiving Your love and not loving You in return. Help me to have a heart sensitive to receiving Your love and loving You in return. And then, may I become one with You in this stance of being persecuted, hurt and rejected by others, but having a heart always full of love and forgiveness. I unite with You in all the hurts and pains I have experienced in my life. I know it is because of Your union with the Father and Your total security in Him, that the Holy Spirit of Love continued to blaze brightly within Your heart no matter what You faced externally. In and through Jesus, may I be one with You, Father, as well, that I might find my sole security, identity and worth in Your eyes, Your love and Your embrace.

Jesus carries crossThe Carrying of the Cross
Jesus, as You walk the road to Calvary, carrying the weight of my sins on Your shoulders, I bow down before You in adoration, praise and thanksgiving for You have set me free.
Let me walk with You, Jesus, my own Calvary of life, knowing that if I do so, every cross in my life will rest on Your shoulders lest it become too heavy for me; and thus I remain under the “shadow of Your wings.” As You walked Your Calvary, Lord, what gave You the greatest strength and consolation aside from Your union with the Father, was the presence of our Mother who walked beside You and suffered everything with You. As I become one with You, in union with the Father, may I also receive from our Mother the love, consolation and support to remain with You in carrying every cross of my own life. Mother, may I be one with Christ in gazing into your eyes of love as I carry my own crosses of life.

crucifixion of jesusThe Crucifixion
Jesus, as I come before You at the foot of the cross with Mary, I gaze upon You, dying for love of me.
Let me kiss Your wounds, Jesus, that are bleeding out of love for me. I thank You, Lord, for sacrificing Your whole body, Your life, for me, that I can be drawn into the Kingdom of the love of the Father. As I kiss Your wounds, may I enter into Your wounds, especially the wound in Your Heart, and thus become one with you in my own sufferings. May I become one with You on the cross as I unite every suffering throughout my life to Yours – For in this, Lord, my “yoke is easy and my burden light,” because I am drawn through You into the all-consuming love of our Eternal Father.
“Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit!”

doubting thomasThe Resurrection
Today I communicate to…all my beloved children, the joy experienced by my heart when Jesus came into the little room in which I was staying, and, in the divine splendor of His glorified body, leaned down to implant a kiss upon the face of His Mother…Each of my sorrows is assuaged, and every wound is closed (as He] takes me in His arms, and presses me to His pierced Heart, from which flows a fount of most powerful light that surrounds me completely and plunges me in a sea of immense blessedness…in profound adoration I bath the marks of His luminous wounds with tears of joy” (mmp 263,518). My Redeemer, hold me to Yourself as You held our Mother that early Easter morn. Allow these most powerful rays of light that flow from Your wounds to surround me, penetrate me and plunge me into this sea of immense blessedness as well, as we become one.
May I remain in this nuptial embrace where we are melded together – me in You and You in me. I give to You now all of me, Jesus – every fiber of my being – the deepest part of me – the most needy part of me as I rest in Your divine embrace of love.

ascension of jesusThe Ascension of Jesus into Heaven
“The place which Jesus has prepared for you in Heaven corresponds to the plan which each of you must realize here on earth, under the powerful influence of the Holy Spirit” (mmp 152).

My Divine Lord, You ascend to sit at the right hand of the Father, but only to bring His Kingdom down to live in our hearts. For, You tell us, “Behold, I am with you always, until the end. of rime” and “I will give the victor the right to sit with Me on My throne, as 1 myself first won the victory to sit with my Father on His throne” (Rev. 3:21).
May I live always in the reality of that victory, and thus, may I live always sitting beside You in Your Kingdom here on earth. May we become one as we sit on Your throne of victory, in the embrace of the Eternal Father and consumed by the Spirit of love; and thus I will be freed of all evil, death and sin that seeks to cling to me.

descent of holy spiritThe Descent of the Holy Spirit
“May He kiss me with the kisses of His mouth!” (SS 1:1)
“Come, Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the lmmaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved spouse!” Oh Holy Spirit of Divine Love, permeate me with Your consuming fire, for I am a “temple of [Your] holy dwelling.” I give You permission now to enter even more deeply into my heart. Knock on the doors of obstacles and enlighten me in the ways I’m not giving myself fully over to You. The deepest part of my being longs for You to enter in and touch me and minister to my needs. May I rest in the blazing fire of Your Divine Love.

assumption of maryThe Assumption of Mary into Heaven
Beloved, you also should be living there where I am: live in paradise with me…and do not let yourselves be attracted by the world, nor imprisoned by this earth…Paradise is found only in the light of the Most Holy Trinity, with my Son Jesus and me. Here below, live in the paradise of my Immaculate Heart” (mmp # 107).

Dearest Mother, thank you for your special presence in the world today to draw us into intimate fellowship with the Most Holy Trinity. You were so pure while on earth that the fullness of God’s presence dwelt within you. And thus, at the end of your life you were assumed into Heaven both body and soul.
Teach me, the way of purity of heart, dear Mother, that I might be one with you in opening myself to the “fullness” of God’s grace in my own life. May I be in a constant stance of “Fiat” to His Divine will in my own life. As I remain one with you, may I live in the paradise of your Immaculate Heart and thus be always secure in the womb of God’s divine love.

coronation-of-the-virgin-diego-velazquezThe Crowning of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth
Most Holy Trinity, You have crowned Mary as Queen and Mother of us all, and we thank You for this. Dearest Jesus, You had a sure reason for giving us Your Mother before dying on die cross, because You knew we would need such a perfect and loving mother to care for us and” us in following You, and we thank You for this.
Most Holy Mother, thank you for your “yes” in accepting us as your children and taking us into your heart just as you held Jesus throughout His earthly life. Nurture us, guide us, protect us ill every way. You call us to a profound, filial, intimacy of life with you as true Mother. And, as you “clasp us” to your Immaculate Heart we are drawn into the profound, intimate embrace of the Most Holy Trinity who dwell in fullness within you. For you know that it is only through you that we can have such depth of union with our Triune God and live the fullness of our Baptismal Vows. You tell us, “One who has consecrated himself to me belongs totally to me…It is not up to you to decide what you are to do…If you remain with me, I will tell you at every moment what I would like for you to do…I am like a Mother who is teaching its child to take its first steps. “Live with perfect love and perfect abandonment the present, which I moment-by-moment arrange for you my little babes. “You are no longer alone, you always have with you the Mother, who takes you by the hand, who clasps you to her Immaculate Heart” (mmp).
May it be so, dear Mother. I renew my consecration to your Immaculate Heart right now. May I enter into the depths of your Immaculate Heart and bring with me everything that my life entails. And may I remain throughout this mystery and always, dear Mother, in the comfort of your tender and loving embrace, as rays of grace and love flow from your heart into mine and into every fiber of my being. And, thus, may I be bonded with you as your child, and “a child of God,” and come to know a perfect Mother’s love.