Remedy for Satan’s Final Confrontation Over Family and Marriage

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Great Hope for all families.

The “Final Confrontation between the Lord and Satan will be over family and marriage,” Sr. Lucia prophesied. And, we can see that her words are true in the unfolding of time. But for those families who heed our Mother’s call and enter her Immaculate Heart, there is nothing to fear, and no problem too great.

It is only for us, in our families and marriages, to receive the gift Jesus gave us just before dying on the cross: “Behold your Mother!” And, to “put out into the deep” in heeding His mandate, as Pope St. John Paul II encouraged us at the beginning of this New Millennium,.

Where do we each find ourselves right now in our family lives and marriages? And, I speak also to those who are consecrated and married to God. Yes, there is a major attack on us all as the evil forces strive to take us from our vocations, our daily duties, our communal lives, and most importantly, our relationships with God.

But, we have been given the remedy to aid us in countering the attack of the evil one. This remedy has been highlighted in the Fatima messages; as Mary was sent to earth in a special way to promote consecration to her Immaculate Heart – a living out of Our Lord’s words to us: “Behold your Mother!”

And, more recently, we have received further encouragement to receive wholeheartedly this gift from Jesus, through the reported messages of Fr. Stephano Gobbi. These messages have the imprimatur and many cardinals, bishops and priests have been members of the Marian Movement of Priests.

These messages share no new revelations, only encourage us to “put out into the deep” in living what has been revealed through public revelation. So, for anyone who is struggling in their family or married life, I encourage you to read the following hope-filled words; that we may take to heart in living the Gospel uncompromisingly, thus allowing abundant graces to flow to us from God.

“Families Consecrated to Me”

These reported words from Mary come from message #358 entitled.

“I look with love on the families consecrated to me. In These times, I am gathering the families and leading them into the depths of my Immaculate Heart, that they may be able to find refuge and security, comfort and defense….

“I am the Mother and the Queen of families. I watch over their life; I take their problems to heart; I interest myself not only in their spiritual good but also in the material good of all their members. When you consecrate a family to my Immaculate Heart, it is as though you open the door of your house to your heavenly Mother, invite her to come in, and give her the opportunity to exercise her motherly function in an ever stronger way…

“I desire that all Christian families consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart… I then come in as your Mother, I dwell with you, and I take a part in all your life.

“Above all I see to the care of your spiritual life. I seek to bring the souls of those who compose the family to live always in the grace of God. There where I enter in, sin goes out; there where I stay, grace and divine light are always present; there where I dwell, purity and holiness dwell with me….

“And, because the sacrament of Matrimony confers on you a particular grace to make you grow together, my task is that of cementing deeply the unity of the family, to bring the husband and wife to an ever deeper and more spiritual communion, to perfect their human love, to make it more perfect, to bring it into the Heart of Jesus, so that it may assume the new form of a greater perfection…

“I strengthen more and more unity within families. I bring them to a greater and reciprocal understanding…

“I form the souls of my children… I want to enter families to make you saints…

“And, then I see also to the material good of the families consecrated to me. The most precious good of a family is its children…[They] must be wanted, welcomed and cultivated like the most precious gems of a family estate. When I enter into a family, I immediately look after the children; they become also mine…

“I see to your work in a special way. I never allow you to be lacking in the assistance of divine providence. I take your hands and I open them upon the plan which the Lord is carrying out each day, by means of your human collaboration….

“I share also in all your preoccupations. I know that [they]…are many. They are yours, and they become mine… I am present…as a concerned and suffering Mother, who really takes part in all your suffering….

“These are my times …because they are times marked by my great and strong presence. These times will become even more mine the more my victory will broaden out and become stronger, surpassing the victory which at present is that of my adversary. This presence of mine will become very strong and extraordinary, above all in the families consecrated to my Immaculate Heart….

“So then go forward in confidence… If you all walk along the road which I have traced out for you, if you listen to and put into practice what I have said to you today, your families will be the first buds of my triumph; small, hidden, quiet buds, which are already sprouting in every part of the earth, as though to anticipate the new era and the new times which are even now at your doors…” (taken from MMP #358).

Mother take over!


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