Short Video-Nuptial Union With Our Divine Bridegroom

Receiving Jesus in the Eucharist is a most profound grace that Catholics have available. May we not miss out in disposing ourselves to receive Him.

6 thoughts on “Short Video-Nuptial Union With Our Divine Bridegroom

  1. Barry J Steil says:

    I am so glad to be on your list. The videos are all inspiring. Thank You so very much.

    1. mome says:

      Thank you Barry :)… Glad to be united with you in spirit :). If you follow this website, you may get posts directly?? I don’t know how that works exactly.

  2. Eve Mahony says:

    Thanks you so much, sister Lilla Marie for sharing about Our lord, after receiving Him in the Holy Eucharist. Love, Eve

    1. mome says:

      You’re welcome Eve! Thank you for your great love for Him :).

  3. Randy Groetsch says:

    You’re doing a GREAT job, keep up the great work !!!

    1. mome says:

      Wow, thank you Randy :). I’m glad you responded. I think of you often and pray for you :).

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