Missionary Nae Nae

We went to visit my (Lilla Marie) beloved dad recently and while there my sisters Ann and Amy talked us into doing the Nae Nae dance, and yes, they wanted to film us. The very neat thing about it is that we think our beloved mom, Colette, inspired us to do it because she was such an uninhibited dancer. And she also inspired us to pray the Rosary together afterwards, which we had done with her many times before her passing. Mom continues to be very present with us even now :).

David dancing before the arkAnd, yes, you are getting to see the other side of our MOME way of life… our recreation/exercise side… which helps to keep us balanced (though we usually don’t dance to secular songs). King David Danced before the ark in the Old Testament. Ultimately may we be inspired to dance before the “Ark of the New Covenant”  wherein dwells our Divine Eucharistic Bridegroom.

(DISCLAIMER: We were unaware when we did the dance that to some people “superman” refers to something other than a super hero. We are choosing to see the word superman as meaning super hero and symbolizing our call to fly high in prayer. May God be glorified!)


“Whether, then, you eat or drink (or dance) or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (1Cor 10:31)


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  1. Julie Bogdan says:

    LOL!!! Great job with that!

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