Mary invites us to receive same graces she did, teaches us how…

Hello all,
I had spoken to some of you about these profound teachings I’ve been reading/meditating on, on the reported Divine Will revelations to us through Luisa Piccarreta.
Here it is. Copy and paste:
C:UsersLilla MarieDocumentsThe Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will – Lessons in Divine Will by Mary Most Holy.mht
I am being so deeply nourished by them. It seems as though truth resonates deep within me as to God’s ultimate plan for us and what we were created for, which was lost through Adam, and is being restored as we are in process of entering into the third era… that of Sanctification. It is the “New Springtime” of which Pope John Paul II spoke.
Luisa has recently become a venerable in the Church. She lived from 1856-1947 and was the first to be fully endowed (of all the saints) with the Divine Will, next to Mary of course who lived fully the Divine Will from the moment of her Immaculate Conception.
Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi has been stationed in Rome working for the cause of Luisa and the approval of her many reported Divine writings on the Divine Will. Fr. Joseph is very solid and anointed in sharing the messages of the Divine Will in light of the rich doctrine of the Catholic Church, only to foster a deepening of living out the Gospel message of Christ whole-heartedly; and to invite us of this time, to be open to receive the profound graces God is making available to us now as never before, which has been prophesied many times.
I’ve attached a free copy of the 30 day lessons given to Luisa from Mary as Queen in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, as Luisa comes to sit on her lap each day. These lessons are addressed: to the soul; which means they are not only for Luisa, but all of us who will receive them. Mary is wanting to teach us how to open ourselves to receive the same graces that she did, by living the Divine Will.
She reveals to us how the only thing that prevents us from happiness, and weighs us down with fear, anxiety, misery, etc, is our human will. She invites us to become one with her in binding our human wills to the foot of the throne of God, seeking only to do His Divine Will…that it is in this that we find our happiness, contentment and fulfillment in life.
Hope and pray you receive as many graces from these reflections as I have been. If you struggle with it in any way, feel free to share that with me as well. I have already been a sounding board to help one person better understand the context in which some things have been shared.
Blessings to you all!
May you all have a most powerful advent/Christmas Season, truly entering into the many graces bestowed upon us through the great mystery of the Incarnation of Christ, who is truly alive in our midst in the Most Holy Eucharist!
Love and prayers for you all,
In Their Hearts,
Lilla Marie
PS the attached book is hard to get in print right now. Couple sites might have it. Couldn’t find site I ordered from before, for those of you I told I’d send that to you. ¬†I actually emailed this attachment¬†to my kindle with “convert” in subject line, and it works GREAT… :).

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