mary and john at foot of cross 2“Behold your Mother…” (Jn 19:27)

Vatican II encouraged us to foster a “filial” relationship with Mary.

St. Louis de Montfort speaks of “the Secret of Mary;” and truly it is a most profound secret because very few realize or fully receive the gift that we have been given by Jesus just before dying on the cross. St. John Paul II says that St. John at the foot of the cross represents all of us as His beloved disciple; and Christ is encouraging all of us to take Mary into our hearts and homes, allowing her to be our true Mother. Read More


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There are a number of good books that can aid us in living out our consecration to Mary. In simple terms consecration to Mary means: surrendering all that we are and every aspect of our lives to her. To give our lives to Mary is to let her take over and be in charge, and this only that she can present our hearts and lives ever-more fully and purely to our Triune God. Consecrating our lives to Mary allows us to consecrate our lives most fully to the Most Holy Trinity, or in other words, live most fully our Baptismal Vows.

As Catholics, we believe Mary was Immaculately Conceived and that from the moment of her conception, throughout every moment of her life, she lived perfectly the Divine Will. She was in a constant stance of surrendering her own human will: “Behold I am the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to your word” (Lk 1).

The Angel Gabriel greeted Mary, “Hail, full of grace,” because she has been full of grace from the moment of her conception. Mary could have chosen to do her own will as Adam and Eve did in the Garden, and she was tempted more than any of us to do so. But, she always sought to live for God and carry out His Divine Will and mission in her life.

And, it is this that Mary helps us to do as well. When we consecrate our lives to her, she takes us by the hand and teaches us the stance of “Fiat” in the grace of the present moment.


jesus knocking on door with eucharistImagine that our hearts are like houses with many rooms. Jesus knocks at the door of our hearts to come in (Rev. 3:20). We might invite Him into the “living room” of our hearts as we go to Mass on Sunday. We’ll spend some time with him there, and maybe a couple other times throughout the week we will peek in and say hi. But Jesus does not just want to stay in the living room of our hearts… He wants to come into every single room, nook and cranny we find ourselves in throughout the week. Even, and especially, those rooms that we find most messy and of which we are most ashamed and/or struggling and want to hide from Him and others.

Many of us are Our Lady of Compassionfamiliar with the term, Immaculate Heart of Mary. So let us imagine what this Immaculate Heart of Mary looks like. It is a house spic and span clean with every room, nook and cranny open and receptive, inviting Jesus, inviting the Father and the Holy Spirit in. Jesus didn’t even have to knock on the doors of the rooms in Mary’s heart, because the doors were all fully open and inviting Him in. Every moment of Mary’s life, every room she found herself in throughout her life, the most Holy Trinity was there with her, because she was in constant communion with them. She had/has the most intimate relationship with our Triune God, not only as a whole, but each person of the Trinity in a very personal and profound way.

And, this is what Mary draws us into when we surrender our lives to her… She helps us to live most fully our Baptism vows of intimate union with the indwelling presence of our Triune God.

We have posted different links that you can go to, to learn more about formal ways of consecrating your life to Mary. But even before going there, we invite you even now to open your heart to Mary in an informal way. Some of you may have already made your consecration to her and it is a matter of renewing it (as we should do at least daily), some of you have never conscientiously received the gift of Jesus’ Mother to be your personal Mother. And, we invite you even now in a simple way to open your heart to Mary and ask her personally to be your Mother. Invite her into every area and aspect of your hearts and lives. When we give her our lives we no longer have problems of our own. They become her problems so make sure you give them all to her continually, and trust in her powerful intercession.


The spiritual reality surrounding us is even so much more real than the natural, physical, tangible realm that we can see, hear and feel each day. It is but a matter of exercising our spiritual senses in order to recognize it.

The spiritual realm is affecting us whether we are aware of it or not. It is influencing how each day plays out.

Do we find that a lot of negative and dark things are happening to us? No doubt there is evil influence. Do we find that we experience discouragement, sadness, confusion, doubt or even despair? None of these are the influence of the Holy Spirit and the Heavenly Cohort, but rather of satan and his minions.

But how can we be protected from the evil spirits?…

Most of us have been Baptized. But are most of us living our Baptismal vows and disposed to its graces? Are most of us actually claiming our inheritance as “children of God”, living in His Kingdom, saved and redeemed by the Blood of Christ?

It is the Blood of Christ alone that keeps us protected from the snares of the evil one and his very sly and deceptive tactics.

Now, to be covered and protected in the Blood of Christ doesn’t mean we won’t suffer. Jesus said, “take up [your] cross and follow me” (Lk 9:23). As Christians we are in the process of our own purification in preparation for eternal life with God; and, also, we are called to help in the distribution of the graces won for us at Calvary, through our love, prayers and sacrifices for others.

But when we live in the reality of who we are as Baptized children of God, we experience more and more a life of love, hope, joy, peace, goodness and fulfillment.

Jesus, our Divine Lover and Redeemer, is in our midst. And He longs to have a deep, personal relationship with each of us, in order to draw us ever deeper into the love of God and the truth of how precious we are to Him. Satan and his army want to block us from opening ourselves to this profound truth.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, lived every moment of her life with her spiritual senses activated. She knew God deeply and personally. And, in everything that happened to her in life, she surrendered to God and sought His grace and inspiration. She danced with Him and let Him lead.

She is our model. This is our calling as well. Life becomes abundantly meaningful (to put it lightly) when we live in this way. We no longer feel the need to make things happen or be in control of anything; but, rather, we let God be God of every aspect of our lives (the 1st Commandment).

Yes, the victory has been won, but only for those who choose to live on the winning side – in and through the redeeming Blood of Christ.

For “if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin” (1Jn 1:7)


“I look to all of you, brothers and sisters of every state of life, to you, Christian families, to you, the sick and elderly, and to you, young people: confidently take up the Rosary once again. Rediscover the Rosary in the light of Scripture, in harmony with the Liturgy, and in the context of your daily lives. May this appeal of mine not go unheard! ” Pope St. John Paul II, Rosarium


The Rosary is such a tremendous grace and opportunity for bonding with God. Not only a bonding at the present stage of our lives, but a bonding that permeates to the depth and core of who we are. — A bonding that permeates every stage of our lives from the moment of conception.

Why so? The reason Christ wasn’t just snapped into this world at the age of 30 is because His purpose was to sanctify life at every stage, from the moment of conception until death. His plan was to allow for us to have a “way,” an avenue, to come to recognize our inherited dignity and identity as adopted “children of God.”

Christ, throughout every stage of life, was so aware of His dignity and identity as the Son of God. And, thus was totally secure in His Heavenly Father’s love for Him, which was in a very real and tangible way communicated to Him in the tender, nurturing, unconditional love of a perfect Mother, Mary (who is spoken of in the Church as the Icon of the Father’s love [CCC]).

As we pray the rosary and enter into the various mysteries of Christ’s life, our lives are gradually drawn into this same infinite, unconditional love of our Heavenly Father and Mother at every stage of our own lives; and we, too, are gradually drawn into the reality and fullness of who we are created to be as “children of God.” Thus, the Rosary is a very powerful tool for healing and for our transformation “from glory into glory.”

To give example of this, St. Ignatius of Loyola speaks of three ways of entering into Holy Scripture. The first is to just read the text just as it is. The second is to read the text and imagine ourselves on the sideline watching the scene happen (kind of like being at a play).  And, the third, a most powerful avenue of entering into Scripture, is to actually enter into the scene and become one of the characters (or, I like to add, even walking in as oneself).

I’d like to expound on this third way, which can be especially powerful when meditating on the mysteries of the rosary. The Holy Spirit can inspire one to become anyone of the characters of a particular mystery, from Mary, to Elizabeth, to one of the shepherds or wise men, to the disciples who fell asleep, to those who mocked, spit upon and beat Jesus, to Mary Magdalene (or another disciple) at the resurrection, or to even imagine oneself becoming one with Jesus in any scene (which I think is the most powerful opportunity for coming to know our dignity and identity, if the Holy Spirit should inspire that).

The two characters that are my favorites to become one with, are Jesus and Mary. And, also, I like to enter into the scenes as myself and interact with the two of them amidst the scene. To give an example of the latter: at the birth of Jesus, sometimes I imagine myself entering into the scene at Bethlehem, and Mary comes to me and allows me to hold Jesus. Or, I enter into the crucifixion and imagine myself at the foot of the cross with Mary and John and I bare my heart to Jesus as He’s dying on the cross for me personally. At the resurrection I like to enter in and imagine that Jesus is appearing to me personally … Yes, the meditation can be profound.

To give an example of becoming one with Jesus or Mary:

At times I imagine myself one with Mary at the Annunciation, opening myself to God’s Divine will for me personally, and to the Holy Spirit, that Jesus can be conceived within my heart; or I imagine myself one with Jesus in the womb of Mary, opening myself to the infinite love of Our Eternal Father and of a perfect Mother from the moment of conception (what opportunity for inner healing).

At the mystery of the Nativity at times I imagine myself one with Mary, holding the Divine Christ Child in my arms and gazing into His eyes; or I imagine myself one with Jesus, Mary is holding me and I’m receiving the perfect nurturing love of my Heavenly Father and Mother. These are to name only a few examples.

Because Christ is fully human and fully divine (Hypostatic Union), every moment of His life on earth was caught up in the eternal and outside of time as well, and thus can be re-lived at any moment in time. Just as with every Holy Mass celebrated, we are reliving again the one sacrifice on Calvary. As well, in a more informal sense, when we meditate on the mysteries of Christ’s life in the Rosary with Mary, we can actually experience a re-living of the scene and receive all of the graces as though we were there. This is the power of meditating on the Word, especially through praying the Holy Rosary.

The Rosary Is:

A profound means of drawing one into healing and contemplative prayer. This is why our Heavenly Mother has so strongly been encouraging it in authentic private revelations … And this is why Pope John Paul II has been strongly promoting it throughout His pontificate, with special emphasis in his recent apostolic letter on the Rosary.

He speaks of the Rosary as a “most effective means” of entering into deep union of life with our Triune God.

He says, “I look to all of you, brothers and sisters of every state of life, to you, Christian families, to you, the sick and elderly, and to you young people; confidently take up the Rosary once again … May this appeal of mine not go unheard!” (Rosarium)

The evil one knows that when we as a Church turn to Mary and invite her to fully act in the very powerful role the Holy Trinity has given her as our Mother and Queen (Mediatrix and Co-redemptrix), he will lose all power. Because, Mary, the first of us and the “Spotless Bride,” represents who we as Church and individually are called to become. And, God has “put enmity between the [serpent] and the Woman” (Gen 3:15).

When we as Church open our hearts and lives fully to her, we will be transformed into pure vessels of God and His “Kingdom [will] come on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Thus, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart truly will usher in the “new springtime” that is upon us.

For a set of healing rosary meditations click here.


NOW FOR THOSE OF YOU who may not understand Mary and question,Isn’t she an obstacle? Why can’t we go straight to Jesus? I ask you to hear me out here, then, you can decide for yourself.

Mary - Luther, Calvin, Zwingli

Even the leaders of the Protestant Reformation didn’t see Mary as an obstacle.

Truth is, Satan more than anyone would want us to see Mary as an obstacle, because he knows that she is the one who will help us to most fully dispose ourselves to God, His love, His grace and His Will for us. And, that is the last thing he wants. The less surrendered, receptive and disposed we are to God, the more opportunity he has to tempt us and lead us in doing our own human will.

Let the truth be known, to the dismay of many, Jesus, before dying on the cross said “Behold your Mother” precisely and paradoxically because He is a jealous God. He is a jealous lover who wants us to live the first commandment, There shall be no other gods before me; who wants us to live the commandment, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your strength!”

Imagine being at Calvary as Jesus is dying, during the most profound and significant time of His whole mission here on earth. He is at the point of shedding His Precious Blood, that “by His wounds we are healed,” redeemed, and invited back into the Kingdom and Love of our Heavenly Father. And, at this point He’s looking down at the Woman who has been with Him from the moment of His conception; the Woman, who has loved Him most, served Him Most, has been most receptive to His love with every fiber of her being. This Woman who has never sought to do her own human will, but remained in the stance of total Yes to the Father’s Divine Will at every moment of her life.

Jesus gave Mary to us at the foot of the cross as though saying to us, “I want her to teach you how to receive my love as she does; I want her to teach you how to know and love me with every fiber of your being as she does… And, I want you to know the love of a perfect mother as I have…you will need her as you follow me on your own way of the cross.”

10483899_689375884451522_4650860860932744565_nAbandon yourself totally to me and I will lead you in God’s perfect will!”

-Mary reportedly tells us through the Medjugorje visionaries.

A primary purpose of Mary’s appearances in Fatima was to encourage us to consecrate ourselves to her Immaculate Heart.

The Church throughout the ages has strongly encouraged us to consecrate our whole lives to Mary, and invite her to be our spiritual Mother. Certainly there are varying degrees of doing this, as St. Louis de Montfort speaks of as well. But we on this website are inviting you into something radical and profound in regards to relationship with Mary. It is truly the very exciting “secret” that Louis de Montfort speaks of which very few come to know.

Mary has been given a very special role by our Triune God, as our Mother and Queen, to be the “Mediatrix and Distributrix of all graces.” Now, we can choose to strive to know, love and serve God on our own in this life, or we can receive the very significant gift that Jesus has given us at the Cross.

If you choose to receive this gift, we are here at this website to help encourage you to receive this gift ever-more deeply and wholeheartedly. We are here to help you, as we strive to live it ourselves, to come to know Mary in an ever-more personal and intimate way. So much could be shared as to how she has blest us in our own lives, which you will get glimpses of from our blogs and personal sharing’s. But for now we invite you into these two profound avenues of coming to know and love Mary ever-more deeply (the Rosary and Consecration to her Heart) in order to know and love our Triune God ever-more deeply and wholeheartedly. For the purpose and goal of consecration to Mary is always this: to draw us into deeper union with God/a fuller living out of our Baptismal Vows.