Let Us Be Formed in the Womb of Mary’s Heart Throughout Our Earthly Life, In Preparation for Our Birth into Life Eternal

Dear Family and Friends,

We would like to invite you to be with us as we rest in the womb of Mary’s Immaculate Heart and allow mary in blue with jesus in wombher to form us. Mary, as our formater, has been helping us to experience great graces in understanding the times in which we live, and in growing ever deeper in our union with God; and we want to invite you into the graces of these encounters as well. So if interested in receiving our MOME – Encounters with Our Mother – newsletter, let us know by email, or sign up to receive our blogs on our website: www.ourmotheroftheeucharist.org .

In these formation encounters we will share from different Marian Movement of Priests messages (which have the imprimatur), which are a sort of commentary from Mary’s Heart, on Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition in relation to our present times. Through these messages Mary forms us in: living the 3rd degree of Consecration to her Immaculate Heart; having a stance of abandonment to Divine Providence; having a disposition of spiritual childhood; living the Gospel uncompromisingly; seeking to always live in the Divine Will; and becoming a receptive “bride” to our Divine Eucharistic Bridegroom.

Encounters With Our Mother – #1

Today we read from MMP #108 which was a very powerful and pertinant reading for our times.

First we would like to touch upon letters (g-o) which brought great consolation to our hearts:

“Therefore there should be no leader among you: you are all brothers [and sisters], united in love that must grow ever more and more. If anyone wishes to become the greatest, let him become truly the least.

“Only he who loves the most, who serves the most, who listens to me the most, who becomes ever smaller to the point of disappearing in my Immaculate Heart is the one whom I myself will make ever greater.

“I am your Leader. You therefore, my beloved ones, must listen to my voice, be docile to my teachings and above all be prompt and obedient to my orders. I want to make of you sons [and daughters] who want to obey, who always know how to obey. Obedience and docility; this is the livery in which I wish to attire you.

I will give you orders through the voice of him whom my Son has appointed to govern his Church; the Pope with the hierarchy united to him. How my motherly Heart is wounded and saddened today to see that some priests and even some bishops no longer obey the orders of the Vicar of my Son Jesus!…

This message is very consolling because this is what we at MOME desire to live. We desire littleness, we desire mutuality. We realize this doesn’t mean we don’t have certain ones who are the over-all servants of our mission, to keep all in order and striving to keep us on the track for which we were founded, just as the Priests and Bishops are meant to be for Holy Mother Church; but what especially excites us about this message is that Mary is our leader. This is actually why we as Missionaries of Our Mother of the Eucharist were founded; to foster within ourselves, and others who are open, a docility to Mary as our Queen, Mother and Leader.

She tells us above, “You … must listen to my voice, be docile to my teachings and … prompt and obedient to my orders.” And, in this message she confirms us in our mission and in the truth that she is our formator. It is in fact this message that has prompted us to invite you into our formation in Mary’s Heart.

This past Saturday our Cenacle centered on baby Mary, since her birthday was a couple days before. In that message we were called to be little as well. She told us:

“I enlighten and beget you, nourish and form you, guide and sustain you. Each day, you too share in the mystery of love which is your new birth given you by your Mother” (MMP #160e)

As I (lilla marie) prayed through that, I had an image of being in the womb of Mary’s Immaculate Heart, and as baby-in-the-wombthough this is the womb in which we are called to be throughout our earthly life. Because this earthly life is a time of formation to prepare us for our birth into life eternal. Mary desires all of us to enter her heart in order to be formed, as she formed her Son, into other Christs.

This was a key message of Fatima: Consecration to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. I’m also reminded of St. Louis de Montfort who spoke of the “mold of Mary”… that through Mary we are formed into the perfection of what it means to be followers of Christ. Without the “mold of Mary” it takes a lot longer and is more painful. If we but allow ourselves to become docile clay moistened by the waters of our Baptismal graces, we can be poured into the heart of Mary to be formed into the fullness of who we are created to be.

St. Louis de Montfort tells us:

“Mary is the great mold of God, made by the Holy Ghost … In that mold none of the features of the Godhead is wanting. Whoever is cast in it, and allows himself to be molded, receives all the features of Jesus Christ, true God. The work is done gently, in a manner proportioned to human weakness, without much pain or labor, in a sure manner, free from all illusion, for where Mary is the devil has never had and never will have access; finally, it is done in a holy and spotless manner, without a shadow of the least stain of sin.

“Oh what a difference between a soul which has been formed in Christ by the ordinary ways of those who, like the sculptor, trust in their own skill ‘and ingenuity, and a soul thoroughly tractable, entirely detached and well-molten, which, without trusting to its own skill, casts itself into Mary, there to be molded by the Holy Ghost. How many stains and defects and illusions, how much darkness and how much human nature is there in the former; and oh how pure, how Heavenly and how Christlike is the latter!” (The Secret of Mary).

As our Mother encourages us to do in the #106 message, may we all have the grace to become “ever smaller to the point of disappearing” in her Immaculate Heart.

+Mother help us to listen to and act upon your words!+

We will continue with this #106 MMP message in our next blog because our Mother has something else very important to share for our times.


2 thoughts on “Let Us Be Formed in the Womb of Mary’s Heart Throughout Our Earthly Life, In Preparation for Our Birth into Life Eternal

  1. Connie Crosbie says:

    I love this Sister. I am in the middle of my 33 days consecration to Mary so the imagery of being molded is still fresh. Mary is the perfect mold as she was totally united to God from conception. Her womb was created as th perfect resting place for Jesus. Through her womb He was molded into His humanity. Who better to mold us or better place to be molded than the womb that formed the perfect earthly image of the Eternal God? She is definitely the original mold crafted by the Holy Spirit where the Sacred Heart of Jesus first beat in unison with her Immaculate Heart. I for one would love to be reborn through such a perfect mold so that Our Lady can gently hand me to her son as a spotless perfect newborn babe whose heart shares the same rhythm of hers.

  2. Jayne says:

    Taking the overeivw, this post hits the spot

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