What is Chastity anyway?- Video – pt. 1

This is part I of Sr. Mary Clare’s sharing on Chastity.

2 thoughts on “What is Chastity anyway?- Video – pt. 1

  1. Zoe Varaday says:

    Wow, Sister!

    I REALLY APPRECIATE this message!

    I was DELIVERED from a SEXUAL ADDICTION! That ADDICTION actually had repercussions on my MARRIAGE! I actually thought MARRIAGE would be the cure! Wrong!

    I am SO MUCH HAPPIER, now that I’m no longer in bondage to this vile addiction! Now, my thoughts are so much more SANE.

  2. Zoe Varaday says:

    Oh! One other thing, Sister!

    I was listening but, when I’m listening….my mind sometimes wanders. I’m always able to pull it back, where I want it, and TUNE IN, but….while I was wandering, I was thinking of how much I ENVY you, because you get to wear a HABIT! The first time I saw a Nun, I was only 5, and I LOVED her habit! I wanted to wear one when I grew up, so that’s when I decided I wanted to be a NUN, and I very consciously started to LEARN EVERYTHING I COULD about being a Nun (which wasn’t easy, because my family was PROTESTANT, so I was told I wasn’t “ALLOWED” to be a Nun when I grew up). I’m 55 years old and I STILL want to be a NUN. Not just for the Habit ~ no. For the Monastic Life Style! For everything that DEFINES this Sacred and honorable distinction.

    That being said….

    I started to think also about APRIL FOOL’S DAY. Yes. It’s one of my favorite days! I love it even more than Valentine’s Day! And I started thinking, ‘when IS it this year?’ Well, it ISN’T this year, because we’ve already HAD it ~ haven’t we? It’s NEXT year. So….I looked it up, on a 2018 Calendar and….It’s on a SUNDAY. Oh, no. I have no idea what sort of April Fool’s gag would be appropriate, at Church….

    And then…I thought about MY HALLOWEEN costume. The ONE DAY A YEAR when I can LIVE MY DREAM….Is on Halloween. Yes. I’ve got a habit. No, it’s not recognized, blessed or condoned by any Archdiocese….It will NEVER be recognized, blessed or condoned by any Archdiocese, because it IS a NOVELTY. I wear it respectfully, though.

    And then I thought…. ‘would I be able to wear it to MASS on Sunday, April 1st, of 2018? Yes, Sister….I actually dare to ponder questions like this. But then….I DISCOVERED something very profound. EASTER SUNDAY will be on April 1st, of 2018. Wouldn’t that be DIVINE TIMING, indeed, if THIS turns out to be THE DAY of CHRIST’S RETURN, and/or THE RAPTURE? How wild would that be?

    Also, one other thing….On the subject of chastity and monastic lifestyle….Sister? Did you know that I have been CHASTE for YEARS? Even though I’ve been married for 25 years, my Husband and I have not had sexual relations in MANY years. This has been my choice! He rejected me, after I gave birth to our Daughter, and that hurt very badly; but a point came in time, after my CONVERSION, when I discovered that, in order to receive the Sacraments, I would need to completely CHANGE my relationship with my Husband (because he was divorced, before we met & married). What I’m trying to say is that….I am almost completely ready, for monastic life!

    My Husband is dying, Sister. I am in school right now, because while I’ve been his Wife, he wouldn’t allow me to go to College, or obtain a career, and now that he’s dying, I will be left with nothing ~ no support ~ so NOW he’s allowing me to attend College! I’m studying in Rogue Community College’s Allied Health Program, to be a Medical Administrative Assistant. Part of my VISION for my future, is to USE these skills I’m obtaining, in a CATHOLIC Hospital ~ preferably one run by Nuns, if possible! That is….If the Lord doesn’t return, this Easter, and RAPTURE us all!

    And speaking of THE RAPTURE….Dumb question of the day, Sister, but….What IS the CATHOLIC Church’s position, on the Rapture? It’s a word I’ve noticed I don’t ever hear, in Parishes. It usually features PROMINENTLY, in the average Protestant’s vocabulary. I’ve always wondered about this….Is this belief/hope shared, or is it (dare I say it?) Protestant Heresy? I really hope it isn’t heresy!

    Thank you, Sister!
    Zoe Clare

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