If this Division/Uprising Wasn’t Happening I’d Be Concerned – Are We the “Frog in Warm Water”?

I don’t in-god-we-trust-or-do-we-our-nation-built-on-christian-foundation-by-glover-shipp-1621890724expect anything other than what we are experiencing now as a Country. Why?… I’ll tell you:

We are a Country founded “In God We Trust,” yet God has been taken out of everything. One can easily say “God bless us!” with the lips, but remember what Jesus said, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.” (Mat 7:21).

Are We Seeking His Will or Ours?

How many of us are truly praying from the heart the Our Father?…

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”'(Mat 6:10).

“Thy Will be done,” not my will. How many of us can sincerely say we are striving to surrender our will each day to the Father, seeking to do His Will? Very often we act out of our own human will rather than seeking to live the Divine Will as Jesus and Mary did every moment of Their lives. I know I have far from arrived, but my daily prayer is to surrender all to God, to seek His Will… And that is all He asks of each of us. Not to have it all together and do His Will perfectly; but to come to Him in our brokenness, our woundedness, our hurts, our pains and our frailties and say,

“Here I am, Lord! I want to live in union with You today, which means letting you be God and Lord over every area of my life.”2q

“Unless you be as children, you will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.”

Do We Have Other Gods Before Him?

Another way of putting it: How many of us truly live the First Commandment?

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me”(Exodus 20:2-3).

How many of us are TRULY allowing God to be enthroned at the center of our hearts and every aspect of our lives? Very often these days we make ourselves, or things or people in our lives, god. We have idols or “golden calves”.

The point I’m trying to make thus far is primary and fundamental in helping us to understand why our country is in the predicament it’s in. I want to expound on it because it is at the heart of who we are called to be individually and as a family under God. Yes, we will always have those who don’t chose God, “non-servium,” and choose to follow Lucifer, the fallen angel, and his minions. But I think many of us in our deeper heart would want to choose God. Here is what we must remember, though: Lucifer often comes as an “angel of light”, and he mixes a lot of truth with some lies.

9kAre We in a Pot of Deception?

Are we familiar with the “Frog in warm water” analogy? … If we put a frog in boiling water it will jump out because it’s too hot. But if we put a frog in warm water and gradually turn up the heat, it will boil to death because it won’t recognize the water is getting too hot, since it is so gradual.

This is precisely what has been happening to us in our Country. Many haven’t recognized that we have been formed for decades, gradually, in principles and ideologies that are not full truth. We have been gradually formed in a way to where truth is no longer truth for us.

Unless, that is, we have been aware of the subtle lies and deception – the warm water gradually being turned up – that we have been immersed in, and have jumped out of the “pot”.

Many who are in the pot are now rising up, blaming one another because it’s getting “very hot” and uncomfortable; we are not being heard, loved or understood by one another, and the like. But what do we think the one turning up the heat has planned? A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Light at the end of the tunnel? A great party of unity and love? Never the two shall meet. It’s not on the agenda. His plan always is to destroy (cf. Jn 10:10).

So where do we go from here as the heat continues to rise?  For those who are in the pot I’d say jump 9k-1out while you still can. Even if you are already feeling very numb (confused, despairing, anxious, fearful, discouraged, doubtful, disillusioned, etc). It will only get worse if we remain in the pot of deception.

One example of the countless ways the evil one has sought to deceive is this: I’ve been hearing recently amidst the upheaval, many speaking of all Trump supporters being racist, sexist, bigots, xenophobic, etc… This is a lie. It may be a lie mixed with truth because some of us at times may act in that way. But such an absolute statement is not true. The evil one seeks to create disunity, division, misunderstanding, accusation, condemnation, anger, hatred, deception, lies, wherever he can. And, we on our own can never outwit him. He is always smarter than us. He will get us with truth mixed with lies to varying degrees… even MUCH truth with a smidgen of lies if that is where he has to go with us.

So the only way we can outsmart the evil one is if we cling to TRUTH itself… we must cling to Jesus. Jesus IS the “way, the TRUTH and the life.” And, if we are not comfortable with Jesus, or at least the Jesus who has been presented to us, if we earnestly seek Truth with our whole hearts, we will eventually find Him. There is no other way to our Heavenly Homeland except through Him.

Do we remember when Jesus began His public ministry by spending 40 days animagesd nights in the desert? The Devil visited him there to try to deceive Him, by even quoting Scripture, in a twisted way, to further his own agenda. But, Jesus, being Truth Himself, recognized the subtle lies and deception, so Satan had no power over Him.

Sylvia Had Gensetuine Love

How many  have seen the movie, “The Truman Show?” Truman was living a lie and he didn’t even realize it until one woman, Sylvia, who was an actress on the set, tried to get his attention. When the “powers that be” saw what Sylvia was trying to do, they whisked her away so she couldn’t tell him the truth. But Truman had seen something in her eyes. He had witnessed genuine love in her heart, and he wanted that. This woman had awakened in him that there was something more to life than what he was living.

e5ddb63221cec3b5c681fb53a6ab2471When I saw this movie, I was actually relating Sylvia to what Our Heavenly Mother had done for me. She was my “Sylvia” whom God had sent to tell me the truth. It’s as though she said, “Lilla, jump out of the pot now. It’s a deception. Satan is the prince of this world. You are called to something so much more. You are a child of God. “A marvel were you made” (Ps 139:14) with a special mission and purpose in life.

And, this is a message for all of us. We were created for so much more than this world can offer.This life is so fleeting. “God is love” (1Jn 4:8); but He is Divine Love. And, Divine Love is always one with Truth.

I’m reminded as I write, of Revelation 12:15-16:

revelation-12-15-dragon-spewed-water“And the serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that he might cause her to be swept away with the flood.”

This reminds me of “Sylvia” being wisked away. This woman represents Mary, the Mother of Jesus, but also Mother Church, for they are one; and I would say she could also represent indirectly all who seek to draw others to Jesus and the full Truth. And, the serpent has certainly poured out a river of water to try to wash the “woman” away.  That is certainly what has been happening in our Church and our world. But many of us have had sparks ignited in our hearts through this “woman” who brings truth, and have responded as Truman, realizing that there is so much more to life.

All hell broke loose as Truman tried to escape the “pot” of deception, of his make believe world. And,

And faces harsh storm conditions that Christof creates to stop him.

And faces harsh storm conditions that Christof creates to stop him.

as well for us. We are tried and tested, and then still more. But we always have the grace. God is always in control and we will never be abandoned. The testing is ultimately, and paradoxically, for our own good… for our own purification and growth in the faith. If it weren’t, God would not allow it, because He has already won the victory and is in control.

To Conclude

So, in closing I would say, for those of us who are already striving to surrender our whole lives to God (and I don’t mean just in the head but in the heart), may we be encouraged by this current uproar, that we are on the right path; and continue onward.

If we have been straddling the “pot”; kind of liking the feel of the warm water inside, but also wanting to serve God, it’s about high time we choose what side to be on. The water is about to boil and may just overflow on us if we stay where we are. “Be ye lukewarm, I will vomit you out of my mouth!” (Rev)

And, for those who are in the “pot,” it is of utmost importance to recognize that we must take responsibilty for our own lives. Ultimately, God alone can validate us in our true dignity and identity, not our Country, not the President, not our family or friends. We must seek our identity in Him alone. To blame others for our unhappiness or struggles in life is a fruit of the deception of the evil one. We all have a legitimate need to be known, loved and accepted unconditionally; but it can only come fully from the one who created us out of His love.

The evil one seeks to fumigate us with his putrid lies that our infinite longings can be satisfied with finite creatures or things. And, this leads us to frustration, and a compromised relationship with God. We then expect God to fit in with the way we think our needs should be met; and so, God is really no longer God in our lives, we are. And, we are not really surrendered to Him from our deeper heart. If we truly surrender all to God from our deeper heart, not just lip service, and tell Him we want out of the pot of deception of ol’ slew foot, He will surely pull us out and begin revealing truth.

Truth is, even if we are striving daily to surrender our lives to God, we all fall short in one way or another. “We see dimly now as in a mirror” (1Cor 13:12), and even a very tarnished mirror at times. May we all have the grace to DAILY surrender to God and seek His Will.

the-holy-trinity-2“‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope…You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart”(Jer 29:11,13).

+May it be so! And, Mother Mary thank you! And, please continue to intercede for us all. Inspire us in surrendering still more each day to God, that we can truly live wholeheartedly who we were created to be.+

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