How to Enter Most Fully Into This Year of Mercy – Video

I heard a priest say once, “We have been redeemed, parts of us just don’t know it yet!”

And, it is when we are not disposed to Christ’s redeeming graces – when we find ourselves in rooms of our heart that are closed off to those graces – it is then that we suffer from discouragement, depression, doubt, despair, sadness, anger, unforgiveness, lack of joy and anything else that brings us down.

Pope Francis has named this the “Year of Mercy” from December 8th , 2015 – November 20, 2016 (feast of Christ the King).

So how do we open ourselves most fully to the graces available during this year of Mercy? How do we dispose ourselves to these graces? Following is a beautiful Scripture based teaching on where we should go to enter into the “womb” of God’s merciful love.

And, yes, this womb is in fact the “womb of Mary” as you will see; because Mary’s heart is in fact the “new Garden” that we have been invited to enter, where we can again have access to the “tree of Life” and eat the fruits of Christ’s redeeming graces.

Where we were once banned from the “Garden of Eden,” we are now invited into this “New Garden” which holds the fullness of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Jeff Cavins, as usual, has a very inspiring message …

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