Yesterday and today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and the Feast of 2 heartsthe Immaculate Heart of Mary. Theologians have said that we are now living in the special era of the Two Hearts.

But how many of us really dispose ourselves to receive the great graces that flow from devotion to these Two Hearts?

And, if we are already disposing ourselves to these graces, we must keep in mind that there is always more. The consuming love of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary is an inexhaustible furnace of love that has no end. And, the further we enter in, the more sated and fulfilled we are in this life and into the next.

In this mystery of the love of the Two Hearts, Mary draws us into her Heart to encourage us to dispose ourselves as well to the profound love of the Sacred Heart; who in turn draws us into the profound love of the Most Holy Trinity.

“Nuptials, I tell you, nuptials,” Archbishop Sheen exclaimed as to what was taking place between Jesus and Mary at the foot of the cross.

“When Christ’s heart is pierced Mary’s is also, and thus we have the definitive revelation of the unionpierced heart of mary of hearts,” -John Paul II tells us.

Mary is our model. This is truly the calling for all of us as Christians… to enter into a “profound mutual abiding” (John Paul II) with Jesus, beginning in this life, and to continue on for all eternity. If it doesn’t happen in this life, it will have to in the next if we’re going to Heaven. (Purgatory prepares us, helps us to “make room” for God to be the center and source of all that we are. “Abide in me as I abide in you!”)

Imagine that our hearts are like houses with many rooms. Jesus knocks at the door of our hearts to come in (Rev. 3:20). We might invite Him into the “living room” of our hearts as we go to Mass on Sunday. We’ll spend some time with him there, and maybe a couple other times throughout the week we will peek in and say hi. But Jesus does not just want to stay in the living room of our hearts… He wants to come into every single room, nook and cranny we find ourselves in throughout the week. Even, and especially, those rooms that we find most messy; and of which we are most ashamed and/or struggling and want to hide from Him and others.

Many of us are Our Lady of Compassionfamiliar with the term, Immaculate Heart of Mary. So let us imagine what this Immaculate Heart looks like. It is a house spic and span clean with every room, nook and cranny open and receptive; inviting Jesus, inviting the Father and the Holy Spirit in. Jesus didn’t even have to knock on the doors of the rooms in Mary’s heart, because the doors were all fully open and inviting Him in. Every moment of Mary’s life, every room she found herself in, the most Holy Trinity was there with her, because she was in constant communion with them. She had/has the most intimate relationship with our Triune God; not only as a whole, but each person of the Trinity in a very personal and profound way.

And, this is what Mary draws us into when we surrender our lives to her… She helps us to live most fully our Baptism vows of intimate union with the indwelling presence of our Triune God.

And, may we not forget what Jesus tells us through St Margaret Mary, “My Eucharistic Presence is truly my Sacred Heart living and beating among you!”


As I spent time in prayer recently, I was crying out to God – sharing with Him my deep ache and longing for communion. “If you are my Bridegroom, Jesus, why do I feel disconnected from you?… I long to be fully alive!… Fully expressive of heart with another, a ‘total self-gift’ to another, and receptive to that gift of the other as well…And, I am called to be fulfilled in this way with you, Jesus!”

I had entered into the first Glorious mystery of the Rosary… the Resurrection of Jesus, and found myself encounteringsaint exposing heart to jesus our risen Lord, sharing all of this with Him. He became very present to me and placed His hand on my heart, being present to my heart… caressing my heart. He was communing with my heart and I was letting my heart be exposed before Him.

As my heart became exposed, He then took me to Himself ajesus touching heart of passionistnd held me to His heart. Our hearts were fully exposed to one another and not only touching but experiencing a sort of intercourse.

All that I am and all that’s within me began to surface and to be surrendered to Jesus as I became a self-gift. I was experiencing the concept, “Man fully finds himself through a sincere gift of self”(Vat. II, Gadium Et Spes).
+Oh Jesus forgive me for the ways I am half-hearted in giving myself fully to you in the totality of who I am as a human person. Immaculate Heart of Mary take me into your Heart and inspire me in disposing myself ever-more fully to God, His love and His presence to me!+

by lilla marie lottinger

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