Entering the Womb of the Mother, the New Garden, to be Formed in God’s Love

As I’m spending time with Jesus during this Advent Season, I find myself connecting again with our Mother Mary, Mother of the New Advent, who is pregnant with Jesus; I’m aware of her womb of the past, but also the womb of her heart of the present, as we await Jesus’ second coming.

I find myself in spirit wrapping my arms around her womb, kissing her womb and placing my cheek to it, to connect with baby Jesus; acknowledging that I am awaiting his arrival and that I always want my lantern to be lit, and to have enough oil as I wait — in this time of the “already but not yet” (CCC).

But then, not only am I drawn to acknowledge Jesus in this way, but I desire more…; and I see myself permeating into the womb of Mary, because I can’t wait until Jesus’ Birth/Christmas/His second coming to be with him.
There is so much light as I am now in the amniotic fluid with Jesus. The fluid of the Father’s Kingdom of love, truth and grace. How I long to remain here always in my deeper heart and soul, resting in God’s love; resting and receiving the truth of my identity now as his child, through his son’s coming into this world to save us.
May I never leave this place which has now become the womb of Mary’s Immaculate Heart in the present, and holds not only Jesus as a babe, but His whole life, death and resurrection as well, and the presence of our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. And, still, the amniotic fluid is His Kingdom of love, grace and truth, and is permeated with light.
As well, the umbilical cord which is attached to my heart, is connected to the Heart of Jesus (“I am the Vine, you are the branches”), which nourishes me daily in Holy Communion. In the Heart of Jesus, this nourishment that flows through is His own body and blood for my nourishment and food  (“Unless you eat my body and drink my blood you have no life within you”); and the heart of Jesus is attached to the heart of the Father (“Even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us…” John 17:21).
It is in being in God’s Divine Will that I am allowed to remain here in this Garden of the womb of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. If I go outside of His Will, as did Adam and Eve in the first garden, I as well am banned from the New Garden of Mary’s Heart.
For, “nothing … will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom 8:39) unless we allow it to; unless a part of us is cut off from God and the truth of his love, and the New Garden into which we’ve been invited.
Yes, even one who doesn’t dwell in the Garden can have tastes of the rich banquet of God’s love and truth in life; but even these tastes flow from the New Garden of Mary’s heart (she is the Mediatrix of all Grace) to beckon us in. — “Behold your mother!”
But it is only to the degree that we recognize where exactly this New Garden is or how to enter in, that we are able to go there and remain there. —  “Behold your mother!”
And this New Garden is one in the same, our holy Mother Mary, and holy Mother Church. Though separate, one in the same.
St. Irenaeus tells us,
 “Mary and the Church are one mother, yet more than one mother… each is Christ’s Mother, but neither gives birth to the whole Christ without the cooperation of the other.”
 He goes on,
” In the inspired scriptures, what is said in a universal sense of the Virgin Mother, the Church, is understood in an individual sense of the Virgin Mary, and what is said in a particular sense of the Virgin Mother Mary, is rightly understood in a general sense of the Virgin Mother the Church. When either is spoken of, the meaning can be understood of both almost without qualification.”
And so may we allow the Advent Season, but even more so the “Advent” of our times (as we prepare for the coming of Christ) to be a time of dwelling in the womb of Mary’s Immaculate Heart which is also the womb of Mother Church.
“This is why scripture says, ‘I will dwell in the inheritance of the Lord’…” (St. Irenaeus).
As the Church teaches, Christ is the head and one Mediator between us and the Father. Mary is as though the “neck” and the Mediatrix of All Grace that comes to us from Jesus. And we are the body of Christ here on earth, to be his hands feet and heart in this so broken world.
But we can only be this if we remain in the New Garden, the womb of Mary’s heart and Mother Church, and allow ourselves to be formed into other Christs.
“Christ dwelt for nine months in the tabernacle of Mary’s womb. He dwells until the end of the ages in the tabernacle of the Church’s faith. He will dwell forever in the knowledge and love of each faithful soul” (St. Irenaeus).
+May it be so Lord! Mother take over!+
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