Corona Epidemic: A Calling Forth of all Troops

May We Not Miss Out on the Assignment

Are many of us BAFFLED by what is going on right now? Are we thinking, “wow, this time has really come! The whole world is being ‘shut down’ in a sense.”

 Our strong encouragement to each of us is to: NOT MISS OUT ON THE GRACES BEING GIVEN, AND THE TASK AT HAND FOR EACH OF US.


There are two levels of battle going on here right now, that of the spiritual, and the physical realms; and yet they are one.

Behind the evil, darkness and deception that we see, and even the much more that we don’t see, is a huge force of evil entities, headed up by Lucifer himself: the fallen angel from Heaven (Isaiah 14:12-15), the sly and manipulative serpent of the Garden of Eden (Gen.3), and the Huge Red Dragon in battle with the “Woman with Child” (Rev. 12).

The question is, do we have eyes to see, and “ears to hear” what is going on in our times? The once “sealed book” of Revelation has been opened, and the battle is raging above and around us… But where do we find ourselves in the midst of it?

During this “quarantine” of the whole world of sorts, we no longer have NFL or College football games to distract us, parties of large gatherings, going out to movies or restaurants – though we can certainly remain occupied in quarantine with some of the same, and more, to distract our attention from what’s REALLY taking place around us. CLUE: there is major DECEPTION and PROPAGANDA in most, if not all, MSM news, tv, movies, music, radio, facebook, twitter, google, Instagram, etc… And if we don’t have eyes to see, and ears to hear, we will not recognize it. Many of us are at the point of almost being boiled to death. We are in the “knick of time” moment of either choosing to live or perish; to be awakened and armored for our role in this battle, or continuing to boil to death, to be thrown into the burial pit for all eternity.

Through honest evaluation of ourselves, do we find ourselves:

  • 1) as an “ostrich with head in the sand” somewhat clueless, and not really concerned about what’s really taking place around us, as long as we have what we need.
  • 2) as one who is clueless as to what’s really going on; yet wanting to know.
  • 3) as one who is awakened or “red-pilled,” to a degree at least, to the battle taking place in our midst.

I would encourage us all to strive for “door #3,” and for the more that we will share with you. And, this “more” doesn’t ultimately come from us, but from the “Victor, who sits on the throne,” who wants us all sitting there beside Him (cf Rev. 3:21).

In this article, we are in a sense seeking to round up the troops to come under the General’s orders, and march forward together, in this battle in which we find ourselves. Because, as we all know, “united we stand, divided we fall.” This is not a time for trying to unite the dark side with the light, no… Because never the two shall mix… there is “enmity” (Gen 3:15). Rather, it is a time to unite with others who are choosing to live for God our Creator, for His Light, His Love (Divine) and His Truth.

It is importance for us to each strive to do our part in order to help bring about the only RIGHT outcome, in order not to perish, not only in this life, but the next. DISCLAIMER: There will be martyrs, as has always been, laying down their lives for the greater good of all. And, in fact, in this life ALL Christians, through all ages, are called to be martyrs, whether white or red.

My fellow humans of this time in which we live, what many of us don’t realize is that God has created each of us, no matter who you are, “for a time such as this”(Ester)… and, He has created each of us with a unique mission in this life in these times. It is up to us to CHOOSE His Will and plan or not. May we truly take this to heart and seek His Will for us each day. May we ask Him to inspire and enlighten us, that we may be sensitive each day to His promptings and inspirations. We have no idea the importance of each of our unique missions; which are ultimately that of aiding in the salvation of souls; as, “we make up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ” (Col 1:24).

Stay tuned for Part II:

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