Are there fears and shame in your heart that prevent you from knowing God’s Love?

Our Dear Family and Friends,

Following are parts 1&2 of a vulnerable and powerful video testimony by Crystalina Evert. She shares her longings, her brokenness and how she was able to invite God into them…

Please share these with others who may struggle with sexual promiscuity and finding their true identity in Christ.

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The Truth About Mary In Scripture: Must See

So many Protestants and Catholics alike don’t know the Biblical foundation regarding Catholic devotion to Mary. Below is a Great tutorial Video to explain. and below that is a POWERFUL testimony from a Jewish Convert who had a vision of Mary:

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“Be Satisfied With Me”

Below is a prayer reportedly written by St. Anthony of Padua. So very true. If everyone¬†would live this, there would be much fewer divorces and much less disorder in our […]


Our New Mission House/Property

Well, greetings to all our family members and friends. The goal of this blog is to update you on our lives as¬†Missionaries of Our Mother of the Eucharist (or at […]


Missionary Nae Nae

We went to visit my (Lilla Marie) beloved dad recently and while there my sisters Ann and Amy talked us into doing the Nae Nae dance, and yes, they wanted […]

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