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Podcast: Episode 9 – Do We See the Silver Lining?… God is Calling Forth the Army of Our Times

Do we see the “Silver Lining” of our times? Great graces are flowing for Mother Church if we see it as a “stepping stone” rather than a “stubbling block.” … May we not be as the apostles who fled during Christ’s Calvary…

With Mary, and St. John the Beloved, may we go to our Calvary of these times, as the body of Christ, the Church. That the Resurrection graces may flow in full!
The program to be followed has been set forth.

God is calling forth an army of our times… to unite… to recognize His Heart and His Mind in all that is happening; seeking His Will individually and together.
Yesterday during prayer these thoughts came regarding our times… The message is pertinent for those who are interested. We’ll try to make it into an article as well.

Calling Forth the Army of our Times


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